About Barefoot

Our Philosophy

Barefoot Marketing Associates was founded by Managing Director, Melissa, in 2013 after deciding to make a switch from multi-million pound marketing and sponsorships events to working with SMEs in need of a clearer marketing strategy.

At Barefoot, our philosophy is a simple one. When it comes to marketing, we think that focussing on big budgets and big ideas can often get in the way. So we like to strip back the marketing layers, and go ‘back to basics’ to create memorable and distinctive marketing solutions for our clients.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, so we like to focus on what our clients need to help make their businesses successful. Big budgets are great, but sadly, we don’t all have an endless pot of gold. That’s what makes us different. Our tailored marketing solutions can help you and your business make great strides and achieve results no matter what your budget.

Our Team

We have over 40 years’ experience in international sales and marketing, marketing campaign management, internal and external communications strategy and delivery, copywriting, social media management, events and PR. We don’t believe that one solution fits everyone, and so we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand, meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

By keeping our team of creative individuals small, it means that we can build close and strong relationships with our clients. Working with a team of associates who focus and specialise in certain areas of marketing and communications, means that you’ll get the best support without delay.

As a small company based in South Norfolk, we always look at the big picture when it comes to our clients’ needs.

Our Name

“Everything begins with an idea.” – Earl Nightingale

We often get asked about our name. Sadly, it didn’t come to us during an elaborate dream, or whilst walking barefoot across a beautiful white, sandy beach. Instead, it took a couple of weeks of trying several different names before we hit upon one that represented who we are.

It really is this simple. Our name lends itself to one of our philosophies: that it’s the small things that can make a big difference. So we wanted to apply this philosophy to our marketing approach.

And just in case you were wondering, we’re only barefoot some of the time!

If you would like to make a difference to your marketing campaigns, get in touch with us today!