There’s no escape from the written word. We get up in the morning. We go about our normal business. Then we go to bed. And throughout our busy and hectic day, we’ll read thousands of words.

Copywriting is all around us, and sometimes we take it for granted. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re bound to see and read marketing and advertising messages all over the place. Try it for yourself – take a look around and see how many pieces of copy you find.

Writing meaningful and engaging words for the masses can feel like a chore. And more often than not, you can find yourself staring at a blank page, waiting for the words to magically appear. If this sounds like you, then look no further, as we consider ourselves to be specialists in affordable copywriting.

We’ve earned our stripes writing for different industries. From financial services through to travel and leisure, we’ve got the know how to write for various audiences. We can tailor your content. So if you need it to be ‘friendly and personal’, or ‘expert and professional’, then we can help. Or throw us a creative curveball, we do love a challenge!

We offer a professional copywriting service. Take a look at what we offer below:

  • Press releases

  • Sales and marketing literature

  • Web content
  • SEO
  • Direct Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Speeches
  • Articles
  • Reviews
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters and customer emails
If you’re in need of some creative, engaging and inspiring copy to boost your business, then contact the Barefoot team today on 07961 851217 or to find out how we can help!