Communication is an important part of any business. Effective communication can put you ahead of your competition. We can all communicate, but the ‘proof of the pudding‘ is whether our comms are clearly understood.

Announcements come in all shapes and sizes. Some are time critical; whereas others are good news stories that you just want to share with your business or customers.

When we talk to our clients about communications, we like to get them to think about what happens when they order a coffee. There are so many variations to choose from, e.g. double-strength, regular, non-fat, soy. Well, you get the picture, the list goes on and on. But it all comes down to how you deliver your order, and when you tell the barista that you would like a tall, double shot cappuccino with extra foam. You’ve told them what you want, and if they’ve taken it on board that’s what you’ll get. If not, we’d suggest trying another coffee place!


Verb: com·mu·ni·cate


1. Share information or ideas by speaking or writing;
2. Express thoughts or information effectively;
3. Succeed in conveying one’s ideas.

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How we can help

The coffee order is just a light-hearted example, but in reality it really does relate to both business and customer communications. In a nutshell, your message needs to be consistent, emotive and most importantly understood. Like marketing, comms has many layers. At Barefoot, we can offer you support to help you communicate to your business, as well as your customer base.

We know what it’s like to relay information to businesses and customers and we’ve been the lucky (and on occasion unlucky) communicator and recipient. The trick with successful communications in business is doing it once, and doing it right.

We can work with you to create, develop and implement a plan for your business and customer communications. Great comms work when they are part of an integrated approach. So ensuring the message is consistent across all channels is a must. This is where we can be of service, offering you:

  • Internal communications for your business, ranging from time sensitive, crisis comms and employee engagement.
  • External customer communications, ranging from PR, face to face, website, direct mail and social media.

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