Social Media Management

Ignoring social media is not an option!

It’s not just another trend, social media is big business. It’s an ideal way to interact and communicate with your clients and customers.

Think back a few years, the first thing you would check when you got up in the morning would be your email. Nowadays, you’re more likely to check your Facebook and Twitter statuses. This alone tells you how important, and influential social media can be. Check out these interesting social media insights.

Ask yourself how you interact with the brands and businesses you use outside of the workplace. Do you depend on the advice and guidance from your peers? The answer is probably, yes. Brand advocates are important to business, and they thrive across social media channels. The chances are you have made purchases based on the guidance and feedback from consumers who have already interacted and engaged with your brand of choice.

Why use social media in business?

Social media is fast overtaking traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail and email marketing. A good social media campaign can help your business:

• Build a recognisable brand
• Interact with customers
• Drive new business and increase sales
• Create web traffic and SEO impact
• See what your customers are saying about you
• Find advocates of your brand
• Provide better customer service

Worried about jumping into to world of social media? You shouldn’t be.

If you’re looking for positive results and increased brand awareness that is time efficient and effective, let us take charge of your social media management. We’ll be the voice behind your social media profiles!

Writing engaging communications in 140 characters can seem daunting. We can help manage your social media requirements. From setting up to daily updates, we can create a social media strategy with engaging content for your business that can be promoted across social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Contact the Barefoot Team on 07961 851217 or to find out how we can help.

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